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Laminate flooring is growing in popularity on a daily basis
Durable and versatile, laminate flooring can be installed on any level of the home, in highrises, commercial areas and schools.

Laminate Manufacturers have upped the anti, and have been challenging the hardwood flooring industry with their impressive designs, ultra strong finishes, and easy to install formats.

BALTERIO, for example, offers a wide plank, long length collection that astonishes even the most cynical client.
For all those who have never considered laminates, come in and see what we have to offer.

: denotes most or all of a brand's entire collection is manufactured in NORTH AMERICA

: denotes most or all of a brand's entire collection is manufactured in EUROPE

Premium Brands

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We want to offer our consumers a laminate floor that enables them to enjoy life with stylish decors & finishes, high quality and ease of installation and maintenance.

Laminate flooring from Balterio stands for style, quality and simplicity. The wide range of attractive laminate flooring follows the trends of the market.

The decors and finishes are constantly tweaked to today's new interior design trends.

GRANDEUR:Grandeur is an exclusive floor with an oak look. The matt-shiny laminate is virtually indistinguishable from solid parquet floor and radiates pure luxury. The long and wide planks with V-groove enhance the feeling of spaciousness and make Grandeur the perfect floor for your living room.

MAGNITUDE:The matt-shiny laminate from the Magnitude collection not only looks like a real oak plank floor, it feels like one too. The original Chromezone technology* creates a true-to-nature look and feel.

TRADITION SAPPHIRE:The rustic character of handworked wooden floors is represented in the Tradition Sapphire laminate collection. A rough plank floor and randomly chiselled V-grooves bring back bygone nostalgia into your home.

TRADITION QUATTRO:The Tradition Quattro laminate collection combines tradition and authenticity. The laminate looks like a real parquet floor. The true-to-nature look of the laminate planks is enhanced even more by the four-sided V-groove.

BEAUFORT SUPREME:With its 12mm thickness, this laminate floor feels like real hardwood. If you need to have a resilient and tough laminate floor, then Beaufort Supreme is your best choice. This 12mm premium laminate offers 8 contemporary wood decors finished with an overall V-groove.

IMPRESSIO:The tough laminate from the Impressio collection, with decors ranging from light to dark, seems proof against time's ravages. The planks are shorter and wider than standard laminate planks. The realistic-looking structure ensures a weathered, rugged look.

XPERIENCE:The trend is matt. XperiencePLUS brings the matt look into both traditional and modern interiors. All decors have a matt structure that creates a dimensional aura. The feeling of depth is intensified by elegant V-grooves on the two long sides of the planks.

STELLAR:The Stellar laminate flooring collection combines state of the art finishing on a 9mm board.

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Everything about Kronotex USA laminate flooring has been carefully designed, engineered, tested (and re-tested) and packaged to deliver the ultimate flooring experience for its customers.

So, if laminate flooring is the right floor covering solution for you, you can't do better than "Floors for Living"

Perfectly replicated wood grain for every ambience and requirement.

MAMMUT: With 6 FOOT LONG BOARDS, these strong laminate floors meet all requirements. The country house decors are fascinating with their authentic natural wood look. AC 5 / 12 mm

ROBUSTO: There are situations in life where one needs a thick skin. Where one has to be very resilient and tough. Which is why ROBUSTO is also the perfect floor for extreme levels of use. With its high-density, 12-mm thick fibreboard and an especially wear-resistant surface, it can cope with pretty much anything to which it is exposed. Even if used for commercial purposes.

AMAZONE: Be graceful. Prove style. With AMAZONE, the floor for everyone who appreciates the exclusive and the extraordinary. It combines conventional beauty with individual fashioning opportunities, and thus lends that special something to every setting. AMAZONE floorings are narrow and long, which creates a particularly graceful look. This also helps create the most fascinating of patterns.

EXQUISIT: is a floor which is as noble and natural as wood. It is perfection itself, radiates warmth and comfort and is as pleasant to walk upon as solid wood. Its synchronised, embossed grain and the matt surface shimmer give it an authentic structure and create a warm, natural atmosphere. .

CHALET: 12mm high quality laminate flooring with rich, character inspired visuals.

Individuality meets creativity: in the Colorita. 200 different unicolours with a trendy tweed structure. Give your creativity free reign! Use the separately available fans to choose your favourite colours.

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Our Laminate flooring collection combines classic natural wood species decor layers and enriches them with authentic surface grain textures, using a patented Synchronized Finish Technology.

This technology, exactly matches the surface texture with the wood decor image to create an unrivaled natural beauty in a variety of flooring selections that can cover any application; from the country house to the penthouse.

ANTIQUE:12mm thick, Registered embossed wood grain finish, Aluminum oxide treated wear layer. Plank size 54-7/16" x 6-1/4". 30 year triple residential warranty. AC4, E1 certified

VOGUE:12mm thick, Registered embossed wood grain finish, Aluminum oxide treated wear layer. Plank size 54-7/16" x 4-1/2". 30 year triple residential warranty. AC4, E1 certified

INSPIRATION:10mm thick, Registered embossed wood grain finish, Aluminum oxide treated wear layer. Plank size 54-7/16" x 6-1/4". 30 year triple residential warranty. AC4, E1 certified

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Evoke floors are some of the prettiest you'll ever see. Rich-looking woodgrains, faux concrete and fabric, weathered stone and patterned parquet, all rendered in exquisite detail and exuberant colour. And the beauty isn't just skin deep.

All Evoke floors are made to premium quality standards and carry some of the best warranties in the business - all to ensure you have a long and happy life together.

WIDE PLANK:For a lot of folks, this well-BUILT, broad -shouldered clan are the go-to gang. For all round good looks and dependability , they can't be beat . They're super-easygoing too - they'll fit in and help out with everything family life brings.

Au NATUREL :The fastest growing family in the whole Evoke clan - and no wonder! They're cultured , confident and elegantly European.

ANTIQUED & HANDSCRAPED: Some folks just have a knack for taking life's bumps and scrapes in stride and making them a natural , beautiful part of their character . That's the way it is with this crowd . A little furrow here, a little scrape there - it's all part of their charm.

HERITAGE: If there's one thing these folks can agree on, it's that age and beauty can go hand in hand. And besides, comfort and style never go out of fashion . They all look like they've lived large and lived well - but the there's a youthful twinkle in their eye that says they've still got a lot of living left to do.

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An amazing selection of textured and smooth laminate flooring from one of Canada's most respected distributors.

Kraus laminate flooring brings sculpted, long length, and commerically rated laminates to the market like never before.

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