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Unfinished Hardwood is a popular choice in today's flooring market. Considered a more "custom" option when compared to factory finished floors. The ability to choose every option from start to finish makes a superior choice for people looking for some totally unique.

The most alluring advantage for most consumers to unfinished or "site-finished" hardwood flooring is that it is a true "square edge". Factory finished will always have a bevel, whether 2 sided or 4 sided. Site finished floors are perfectly smooth, and when finished show no sign of the individual boards in a 3-dimensional aspect. The floor takes on a monolithic appearance, making it visually more appealing for many people.

We carry the following types of unfinished solid wood flooring
Please call ahead to confirm availability as stock status changes.

1-1/2" x 3/8" Red Oak Select

1-3/4" x 3/8" Red Oak Select

2" x 3/8" Red Oak Select

2-1/4" x 3/4" Red Oak Select

3-1/4" x 3/4" Red Oak Select

4" x 3/4" Red Oak Select

Mosaic Parquet Unfinished Flooring

Image 04

Everyone is familiar with this type of flooring as it is found in many homes, but predominately in high rise apartment buildings.

Due to its solid construction, it is actually very long lasting, as it can be resanded to much of its 5/16" thickness. Unlike prefinished parquet, which is constructed with a wire-brace, and is manufactured in a tongue & groove method, parquet is made up of single strips, or "bars" of SOLID hardwood.

"Sandability" is similar to that of a solid plank floor.

Mosaic Parquet flooring is a direct glue product, which makes it very flexible when it comes to site conditions, meaning it can be installed on a wood or concrete subfloor.

Residential, high-rise residential and commercial applications are applicable.

Unfinished mosaic parquet CANNOT be used in conjunction with, or to repair, prefinished parquet.

Unfinished parquet is generally a stocked item. However, please call ahead to confirm stock availability.

Image 04

(as shown in figure A to left)

19" x 19" sheet, 16 squares per sheet, each square 4-3/4" wide/long
5 individual slats/bars per square

10 sqft job pak red oak
50 sqft package red oak
10 sqft job pak white oak
10 sqft job pak maple

(as shown in figure B to left) configurations.

12.5" x 25" sheet, 8 squares per sheet, each square 6.25" wide/long
7 individual slats/bars per square

8.82 sqft job pak red oak
44.1 sqft package red oak

poloplaz low voc stain

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